Crocheted Products

Wrap up in one of our one-of-a-kind full-sized afghans or throws.  They will warm you, comfort you, and keep you cozy. Our crocheted bags and pouches are good for carrying everything from spare change to make-up to jewelry to healing stones.  They’re great for travel and fit easily in any purse, bag, or suitcase. Bath sets are made from 100% cotton yarn and include a hand towel, washcloth, soap bag, and a choice of soap. Our all purpose tote bags, made from 100% cotton yarn, are great for a trip to the beach or the market. Our baskets, also made from 100% cotton yarn, provide handy storage or serve as beautiful and artful decor.  All of these products make a great gift for all!

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Soaps & Bath Products

Our artisan crafted soaps and bath products cleanse, soothe, comfort, heal, and uplift the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Products are natural and do not contain any harsh ingredients or preservatives. They contain high quality essential oils and/or fragrance oils, raw, organic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and are gentle for any skin type or condition.  Try our Miracle Body & Lip Balms for healing and moisturizing, our sugar or salt scrubs scrubs for gentle exfoliation & hydration, and our salt soak for a soothing body or foot bath.

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Felt & Ribbon Hanging Organizers

Our handcrafted Felt and Ribbon Hanging Organizers will not only help you organize your jewelry, hair accessories, home items, or classroom items, but also serve as artistic decor for any room. They make a great gift for yourself, family, friends and colleagues. Consider one for a wedding shower, baby shower, birthday or holiday gift, housewarming, or room re-do!  

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Harmony & Healing Products

Our Harmony & Healing products provide you with the opportunity to create balance, maintain serenity, cleanse and protect yourself and your personal space, facilitate and support healing, promote abundance, increase awareness, and encourage spiritual enlightenment. If you haven’t yet started your journey toward harmonizing and healing body, mind, emotions, and spirit, now is the perfect time!  Try one our Reiki-charged crystal soaps, salts, sprays, or balms.  

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About Robin

Hi, there and welcome to my nest!  I’m Robin Milholland, owner and primary crafter of Robin’s Nest Crafts & Creations!  Now that I am retired after 34 years teaching high school English, I decided to fuse my lifelong crafting skill & experience with my expertise and love for helping others find physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness and healing.  All of Robin’s Nest’s artisan hand-crafted products are created with the highest intention of soothing, cleansing, comforting, healing, and uplifting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, as well as bringing beauty into your immediate environment.


Spirit Seeds

Meditations for Harmony, Healing, and Enlightenment focuses on the art of meditating, contains scripted meditations, as well as affirmations to help you achieve your personal and spiritual goals.

Light Seeds

Your Personal Introduction to the Angelic Realm describes each group within the hierarchy from the guardian angels to the seraphim, has channeled messages from each group, discusses how to work more closely with the angels, and also includes affirmations to strengthen your connection with each realm.